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About Us

Our Team


With 20 years of experience in Mexican Cousine our cookers  are trained to meet the flavor of the kitchen that you like.  Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

You are very important for us


 We are a restaurant that daily we are taking care of the quality of what we offer. Recently in June 2017, the new owners know the challenge that is to continue with years of tradition of the good kitchen that for many years had characterized to Old Mexico Restaurant. Daily we are taking care of every detail to make your experience the best and when something fails we will always be careful to correct our mistakes, thanks for visiting us and we really want your visit to be very pleasurable. Old Mexico Restaurant Team.

  "Please enjoy your meal that we prepare with our heart "

A great culinary tradition...


With almost 70 years of tradition and making food for the Quad Cities, Dolores and Juanito Barajas started Old Mexico Restaurant in 2001, making known more and more people every day, the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine, in 2016 they decide to retire after of so many years of serving the people of the Quad Cities, now they leave the administration of Old Mexico Restaurant in the hands of two entrepreneurs whose with 10 years of experience in the international gastronomy Judith Mariscal and Pedro Lua bought Old Mexico to add and take care of more elements in the menu, take care of and supervise the quality of the food and supervise day to day the satisfaction of the costumers.  We can have mistakes but none that can not be corrected. For us the most important thing is to see you happy and you will always find a kind smile to assist you.